Women Connected in Wisdom
Women Connected in Wisdom

We're creating a place to network, learn & raise each other up.

Connecting creative & spiritual women entrepreneurs

About Us

Women Connected in Wisdom brings together creative & spiritual women entrepreneurs to learn how to integrate multiple dimensions of wellness into our full lives using playful embodiment, art & joy so that we can be mutual resources for each other, expand our purpose-filled work & amplify equity and social justice from a place of self and community care.

Why You Should Join Us

If you’re looking for a community of collaboration, support, tools & resources rooted in the 8 dimensions of wellness - you’re in the right place!  Wise women from all walks of life offer classes, callaborative opportunities, and connections that can change your life & cheer you on each step of the way! 

A Big Thanks

We love being connected to amazing women and folks who identify as women from all around the globe! Thank you for being here.  When we take care of ourselves we are able to sustain & thrive in our community care.